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Celebrate Independence Day with your family and enjoy live music, food trucks, and fireworks at Avon Lake 2021 Party in the Park.

Invite your friends to hang out for a fun evening of kickball and corndogs.

Get ready to hit the high seas (or at least a great lake) and bring your friends to Lake Night. Enjoy hanging out and eating together with friends and riding in the boats at a park on the coast of Lake Erie.

Bring your friends and hang out at Pastor Corey’s house for movie night.

Serve students in 7-12 grade in their “Adventure of Becoming like Christ”.

Invite your friends and come prepared to explore the neighborhood on a walking scavenger hunt.

The Lorain Student Ministry helps students find their identity in Christ by building healthy spiritual relationships. It also helps students feel like they belong to a supportive community so that they may believe and desire to become more like…