Who: Serves Women

What: The Elyria YWCA operates the Women’s Campus Project (WCP), the first residential project for homeless women in Lorain County. The project provides transitional housing in several homes owned by the YWCA.

Transitional housing is the bridge from homelessness to permanence. The building blocks of this bridge are supportive services, goal setting and time to carry out those goals. The journey to cross this bridge begins when a woman is ready to make a commitment to change her life.

The Women’s Campus Project (WCP) is an opportunity for homeless women to enter into a process of self discovery and growth that will enable them to become self-sufficient, productive citizens. The program goes beyond providing basic needs. It addresses the personal issues that have caused each woman to be without a home. With help from staff and up to two years in the residence, each participant has the opportunity for change.

A variety of activities, programs, speakers and workshops are offered to help participants learn to overcome barriers, build self-esteem and deal with their personal issues. Some of the topics that will be addressed are parenting skills, budgeting, education, job readiness, food preparation, self defense and abuse.

Where: 318 West Ave. Elyria, OH 44035

When: Anytime

Need: Various needs, such as mentoring, helping with food prep, etc. We can provide more details if you are interested.


Our Address:

318 West Ave. Elyria, OH 44035 

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