Our Benevolence Team provides support, coaching, and possible access to assistance for those in financial need.

We approach every financial situation on a case by case basis with the foundational belief that to be like Jesus means being a Trustworthy Steward of God’s resources.

Using that as our foundation, the benevolence process will begin with:

  1. Completion of our online form which will allow us to evaluate monthly budgeted income, expenses, employment, specific need, etc.
  2. Once we receive this completed form, one of our Financial Coaches will arrange a meeting to review and gather supporting documents and begin developing a plan – including actions steps for the applicant.
  3. Our coaches will then take steps to verify and follow-up with applicant.

Our intent is to develop a relationship and provide practical help that will lead to long-term financial stability and sustainability. Our Benevolence Team reviews several requests each month and the funds with which we’re able to gift are limited. Our hope is to assist financially in situations that will make an immediate and tangible difference in the applicant’s situation.