A four-week introductory overview of the makeup of the Bible, the doctrine of the Bible, and how to inductively study the Bible.

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says or how to understand its meaning? Have you ever read your Bible and left feeling empty and disappointed? Have you ever had the desire to hear God? In this four-week class, we look at God’s Word to us — our Bible.

So many people are confused as to where to start in their spiritual journey and how to navigate the many voices they hear about what the Bible says. We examine the nature of God’s Word to us and learn about specific, practical tools and disciplines to make the Bible come alive.

God wants you to know His Word even more than you do. He is not trying to hide Himself and His Word behind the pages of Scripture. Explore God’s Word and begin the adventure of knowing God better through the pages of Scripture.

Understanding Your Bible Details

Dates: Sundays, October 2-23
Time: 9:00-10:15 am
Location: Lorain Campus, Youth Room [map]
Contact: Pastor Clayton Wright ([email protected])